Thursday, October 31, 2013

Entering the land of 30

Right now I am sitting on my beautiful back porch writing while my beautiful baby boy sleeps soundly in his crib- which he loves so much.
Today, I effectively release and let go of my 20's... And glad to do it. My 30's WILL be the best years of my life- I declare THAT!  
This year in particular my Maker has shown me himself and how much He loves. He has taken me out of captivity and I must admit that I am blessed beyond, WAAaay, beyond what I deserve. I have learned so much...
About love.
About sacrifice.
About faith.
About believing God when you feel you like you just can't.
About loyalty.
Generous grace.
And RECEIVING what the Word says about ME...

My life is not my own. Thank God for that, thank God for His Grace!
Oh, where would we be if The Lord had not fought for me, for us? He is for us! 
I am so incredibly blessed and I thank God for His provision and daily work in my life. 
I can't wait to see what He will do in this next chapter of life! :-)

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